Are you an empath or highly sensitive person?
Deeply intuitive?
Creative, out of the box thinker?
Emotionally intense feeler?

I invite you to journey back for a moment to childhood. Many perceptive souls describe their youth as the time they were most tuned-in, your intuitive, empathic and creative gifts awakening.

As a young person, were you able to tap into the energy underneath, able to sense people’s true selves? Did you have vibrant dreams or visions that came true? Enamored with nature, stories, animals, dance, science, music and art? Intensely curious?

Your inner life was magical, filled with not-so-imaginary beings and adventures.

Then something happened. It wasn’t your fault. When you shared what you what you ‘knew’, someone in your life was skeptical, scared or even angry. Your gifts were questioned or suppressed.

The denial of who you really are, was absolutely devastating. 

You learned it wasn’t safe to be empathic, intuitive or gifted.

You felt pressured to be normal, adapt and fit in.

childhood imagination and curiousity, awakening at a young age