Sometimes, an intuitive message you receive is super unclear or even worse yet, it’s asking you to do something that feels really risky. If you’re uncertain about an intuitive message you’ve received, I invite you to partner for a soul-level confirmation.

We’ll begin from a point of inspiration and in only 90 minutes, you’ll receive what you need to move forward, trusting in your own wisdom.

What emerges from our session together is a powerful soul symbol, a practical tool to carry forward into the world. You’ll receive a recording and I’ll check back within the first two weeks to hear how you’re using your soul symbol to help guide your life.

Reciprocal energy exchange: $157

‘We worked on my subconscious, to help me better receive intuitive signs. Bevin encouraged me to work with two pieces of music I just can’t stop hearing inside my head. If you question, why music? The answer is: music is how the feelings sound.

Bevin helped me prove to myself I’m on the right track. I am so lucky to have met this wonderful woman and gain a new experience of myself…’

– Irene T,  Ukraine

Life has been amazing. After our session, some things became very clear, specially around how I really want to feel. The exercise you did with me was soooo powerful and I really, really enjoyed it. When I was on holiday, I decided to really own my life and what I make of it, independent of what other people may think. It feels very empowering!

– S.K, London