Are you an empath or highly sensitive person, just trying to make it through each day?

Maybe you can barely stand the conditions around you – a soul-sucking job or a draining relationship. When you’re stuck in survival mode, everything feels overwhelming. Your top priority is self-protection, which often leads to withdrawal and avoidance.

I mean, why wouldn’t you?

The energy, emotions and sensations you’re tuning into can be incredibly exhausting!

Here are some signs you might be in survival mode:

  • You get completely drained by social interactions with other people;
  • You give and give some more to the point of exhaustion;
  • You rarely say no because of guilt or not wanting to disappoint others;
  • Your personal relationships start off well, then take a destructive turn;
  • You wonder why you always feel like the weirdo or outcast;
  • You wish you could stop obsessing over the same things in your mind;
  • You struggle to speak up for your needs;
  • You’re not sure if you can trust your intuition;
  • You isolate to avoid drama and energy depletion;
  • You experience persistent illnesses or ongoing physical or emotional pain;
  • You’re not really sure who you are, separate from other people.

Please don’t beat yourself up if this is where you find yourself at this moment. We’ve all been there.

Trust me, I’ve walked a long road out of survival mode and truth be told, there are moments when I’m still challenged to maintain a sense of peace and calm. Fortunately, those become fewer and far between as time goes on. Along the way, I developed some simple strategies and tools that helped me shift into thriving and stay there.