Coaching Support for 1 Million Empaths Members

I hope you’re enjoying your experience inside the 1 Million Empaths Community. Sometimes you have questions or situations you prefer to discuss individually with an experienced coach. Someone who understands what it’s like to experience life as a sensitive and intuitive person, with all the gifts and challenges involved.

My 1:1 coaching helps you honor your strengths, own your inner power and trust your knowing. We use intuitive, somatic and experiential exercises to uncover blind spots and identify next action steps. Schedule one or multiple sessions, you decide the frequency.

I’ve helped clients with the all of the following topics and challenges, you chose what to bring into our sessions:

  • Understanding and applying your empathic gifts in everyday life
  • Trusting and working with your intuition
  • Emotional healing, opening your heart
  • Assertive communication, setting healthy boundaries
  • Managing your energy field
  • Creating a supportive self-care routine
  • Gaining perspective on your personal relationships
  • Making a career change
  • Finding your soul mission and life purpose
  • Business coaching & branding for conscious entrepreneurs

Investment is $150 USD per 90-minute session – processed securely through PayPal.