I don’t even need to tell you that being a highly perceptive soul, an intuitive, an empath in this physical world can sometimes be tough as hell. As much as we’d all love to be continuously elevated in our highest spiritual vibration, the reality is, tuning-in to everything can be overwhelming and draining.

At the same time, our gifts are badass.

Connecting with the oneness? Incredible!

Sensing what’s underneath? Pretty handy in most situations.

And don’t even get me started on the incredible flow of insight and intuitive knowing that makes it all worthwhile.

But being healthy and connected to your soul’s calling, requires real-world, practical skills. Things you didn’t learn in school, like resonance intelligence, personal energetic baseline and download discernment (sorting out when your ego mind is talking and when you’re receiving a Divinely inspired message).

Most importantly, how to stand solid in who you really are, even when others don’t understand or appreciate your way of being.

It’s time to acknowledge, you’ve always been Powerfully Perceptive.

Being a perceptive soul is not a weakness, on the contrary, being tuned-in to everything requires a deep well of strength. We often don’t fit in with mainstream culture, just embody a different way of thinking, sensing and being.

To hold your space, just as you are, requires courage and resilience.

Perceptive Souls have an internal pulse, a background rhythm that sets you on a lifelong quest for greater meaning. Over time, your drum beat grows louder and louder until it will not be contained! You must step forward, old fears giving way to new anticipation.

Often, you’re not exactly sure where this journey will lead.

An experienced mentor who’s walked a similar path can help you navigate dips and curves in the road.

I’m so grateful to numerous mentors who’ve stepped forward to help guide my life. I’ve also been honored to have been chosen as a mentor by countless others for over twenty years. First girls and young women, then college-age interns and I now mentor perceptive souls of all ages.

I believe in honoring your way of being, your intuitive wisdom, your trials and triumphs while also sharing insights I’ve gained along the way. I act as a mirror for your personal growth and if you’re willing to face what’s real, laugh a bit at your own fallacies while still moving forward, we’ll likely be a great fit.

In our mentor partnership, you’re responsible for your own success (because nope, I’m not going to feed you all the answers) and I’m responsible for creating an energetic space that allows you to enfold. 

I also walk the talk. If I ask you to be vulnerable, I’ll role model being vulnerable, or honest, or reflective or action-oriented. As a believer in reciprocal relationships (an equitable flow of giving and receiving), this is just and fair. Along the way, we’ll develop a strong personal connection and rhythm for our time spent together.

This is a boutique mentorship program, your experience will be completely unique and personalized. No scripts, no rinse and repeat – I listen deeply and respond on an individual basis.

I offer two guarantees: 

  1. Your life will never be the same;
  2. And it will increasingly get better, improve, and even shine!