‘I keep going around in a circle because I don’t understand what I receive. The messages are very symbolic.’

‘What if my perceptions are wrong? That’s what other people always tell me.’

‘If I’m off-center or unbalanced, it affects my ability to trust in what I receive.’

You may already have a knowing of what needs to shift in your life. What you ‘know’ brings up fear or your imagination runs wild thinking about all the challenges you’ll face. The tough decisions you’ll have to make, the stress that comes from making life changes.

Or, worse yet, you don’t have a clue where to go next.

You’ve been asking for guidance and receiving nothing…

Intuitive Toolkit provides practical skills and tools to expand your inner knowing into outer action.

In seven, 60-minute coaching sessions, you can:

  • Forgive yourself because you ignored your intuition in the past
  • Clear old energy and prepare yourself to be a vessel
  • Tune-in and pay attention to how you receive messages
  • Analyze risk, loss and gain before you take action
  • Identify who’s guiding your life?
  • Take a leap of faith by moving into action
  • Learn forward by gazing back

Each meeting, we’ll practice one intuitive tool and identify an action step to move you closer to the life you want and deserve. We meet on Zoom, Skype or phone – your choice. With Zoom, you’ll receive a recording of our sessions for ongoing review.

Reciprocal Energy Exchange: $679 or 3 payments of $249

I invite you to join me in the forest to explore what it means to be a perceptive soul…

‘Bevin’s coaching has been extremely helpful to hone in on where I wanted to focus already. When you focus on yourself, you can grow with no limitations…’

‘Participating in your coaching has helped to dissipate my sense of isolation. The reason I mention this is twofold. One, I’ve been able to interact with real people who are on the same journey as me. And, two, hearing another person’s use of tools (in their toolbox) helps me.’