What it means to feel everything so deeply…

As a highly perceptive soul, I’m tuned in to everything around me, all the time. Not only to my physical environment, but also to the energy signatures of others.

The depths to which I experience my own inner world. The nuances, the complexities of my way of being.

Opposing emotions and thoughts, running through me like a river pushed by the wind. Ripples and undercurrents intersecting, crossing paths, constantly changing the trajectory.

I am by temperament a highly sensitive person, an empath and a feeler. By astrological chart double Aries, passion fire rising.

A potent combination.

I care deeply about almost everything. It’s my greatest strength and my Achilles heel.

Emotions like rocket fuel, feeding me and draining me, then feeding once again. I’m learning how to pause and wait, to notice what emerges after the initial burst of feelings.

It’s bound to be insightful.

Fire and water seem like they would cancel each other out, but strangely merging in harmony. Together they create an incredible life, worth living.

One of my clients recently shared, ‘I love my empath gifts, but don’t you think life would be so much easier if we were normal?’

Hmm, how in the world would we define ‘normal’?

Because everyone has their own version of normal.

Mine is a profound inner peace while sitting here on the banks of the river. It’s also acknowledging anger when I was caught off guard and didn’t set a healthy boundary. Embracing sheer joy gazing into my loved one’s eyes.

Emotions come and go, mine more than most.

Fundamentally, I enjoy being a feeler.

I’m connected, tuned-in.

Bubbling up and spilling over.

What does it mean to feel everything so deeply? Open your heart and let go.

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