The Real Reason Empaths Struggle with Exhaustion…


No doubt I’ll come away drained after an entire day of ‘peopling.’ Especially after an intensely emotional conversation.

But is that the real reason empaths struggle with exhaustion?

We could blame it solely on picking up others’ emotions, but what if there’s a simpler explanation?

Is it because we’re ‘tuned-in’ all the time?

On 24/7, like a super antenna.

I’ve observed that our sensing of energetic flow never stops. (Even when we’re sleeping, which is why many empaths report having difficulties sleeping with a partner in a bed or even in the same room).

Like a wire that continuously conducts an electrical charge, we’ll eventually fray and short out.

What if our exhaustion is caused primarily from constantly sensing shifts in the energy fields around us?

Bit by bit, wearing us down until…

BOOM! An emotional spike!

Your co-worker’s intense fear, the aftermath of a car accident you witness during your lunch break. Dreadful news delivered on channel 5 right after dinner.

True, those spikes are rough as hell, but what we really need to be paying attention to, are the energetic environments we’re choosing second after second, minute after minute, day after day.

It’s what I believe either builds up our resilience to energetic spikes or wears us down.

Empaths need to check in with this almost constantly.

I call it your Personal Energetic Baseline.

What does it feel like when you are fully in your own essence, grounded and centered?

What does that vibration sound like, smell like, taste like? What is your body telling you?

Which environments align with your Personal Energetic Baseline and which do not?

A solo walk in the forest is the best place to experience my own personal baselinebelieve me, some days Ive strongly considered moving into a tent like a modern Druid.

Ask yourself: how quickly am I able to notice an energetic spike that has nothing to do with my own experience?

‘Hmm, that was strange. Nothing happened in my life to make me feel this way, I must be picking up the shifting energy of someone or something else. Not absorbing. Not taking in. I choose to acknowledge and release.’

Because empaths are always tuned-in, we don’t need added energetic burdens.

This level of awareness is a ongoing practice and I slip up a lot. Especially if I’ve pushed myself too hard, am healing from illness, or just plain forget to pay attention.

It’s not always easy to have this gift we call empathy; the counterpoint is we must remind ourselves to be vigilant.

The more quickly you connect back to your personal energetic baseline, the more energized you will feel.

Be gentle with yourself, it takes time and practice.

Try it, I think you’ll feel surprisingly refreshed.


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