Hallelujah! Intuition’s Gone Mainstream…

Thanks to the growing popularity of the Myers-Briggs theories and online sites that help you discover your MBTI type, intuition is now recognized as one of eight ‘normative’ personality traits.

It’s become one of the new buzzwordsa highly sought-after skill to be developed in business and leadership. Everywhere you look, someones writing a book or doing a TED talk about the power of intuition.

It’s a huge relief to those of us who’ve been intuitive this whole time.

It can be so challenging to go to someone in your life and try to explain, ‘I just have this knowing about…’ We’re often met with a blank stare from those who tend to score higher in the Sensory category.

Sensors navigate the world, primarily, by looking at what’s in front of them they can directly observe or can experience through their five senses. It’s a great asset. I have to actively remind myself to be present to what’s around me. Especially when I’m driving and paying attention = safety for myself and others.

I’d much rather be off in my head somewhere. It’s cool though, they’ll release the self-driving car soon…

Intuitive people navigate the world through inner knowing, a small, still voice within, by ‘reading’ the energy of people and situations, synthesizing patterns, or through strong sensations in our body.

Most intuitive messages are difficult to describe. How do we tell someone how we know, what we know?

Let’s take a moment to recognize the strong stereotypes that have persisted about intuitives. Deep fears from the past drawing a direct line between intuition/perception and occultism.

Case in point, I recently posted on a public forum about being highly perceptive and intuitive. Out of nowhere comes a detractor, who accused me of living in the Dark Ages and practicing witchcraft. His comments seemed amusing at first, until I soberly realized he represents deeply-held suspicions towards intuitive people.

For centuries, intuitives have been viewed as odd, outsiders, dangerous or even evil. We could illustrate many instances in history when intuitive, empathic and perceptive people were pressured to stop using our gifts with consequences as serious as death.

Ironically, we’re also viewed as unproven by the scientific community. What we report happening, ‘can’t possibly exist’ because it’s difficult to replicate in a laboratory setting. We feel deeply the distain and dismissal by the scientific-minded when we attempt to describe or defend the reality of our experiences.

Stuck between these two stereotypes, many intuitive and perceptive people feel we have to hide who we really are. We try to ignore our intuitive messages and don’t share insights with others for fear of being rejected.

However, a time arrives for every perceptive soul when we just can’t wear a mask any longer. When we must follow our inner knowing, regardless if others understand or approve.

This is when we truly come into our own. When we become empowered and fully embrace our gifts.

It’s why I’m so grateful intuition is going mainstream. It means loving, empathic, intelligent, logical, perceptive and intuitive people no longer have to hide who we really are.

Our way of being, thankfully, is emerging as an accepted way of being.


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