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Being a Perceptive Soul means being constantly tuned-in, awakened to a much broader and deeper field of wisdom.
Are you listening?

Perceptive messages arrive in many forms, like song lyrics or powerful dreams. Perhaps you notice every nuance and pattern. Or you connect deeply with others’ emotions and sense shifts in energy fields around you. A strong feeling in your body, the small, still voice within, a vision playing like a slide show through your mind. Ancestral connections meet futuristic knowing.

As a multi-dimensional being, you are resonating in harmony with the entire web of consciousness.

At the same time, tension is erupting to the surface across our world in so many arenas - racial, gender identity, masculine/feminine, sexuality, politics, science, religion and spirituality. You can’t be online without immediately encountering heated debates with vitriol spewing in all directions.

It can be absolutely overwhelming because we feel everything. The fear, the hate, the anger. Yes, we understand the need to rip the bandage off the wound because it’s been festering for so long. Finally allowing the fear and rage to emerge, to be acknowledged, is incredibly healing for so many who’ve been deeply hurt.

But for those whose natural state is connection with Oneness, this intense energy of blame and shame seems beyond our capacity to comprehend.

In almost every debate, at least one person asks, ‘What will it take for us to speak calmly and listen to each other? How can we seek solutions rather than division?’

Guaranteed, those are the perceptive souls.

We envision wider choices and opportunities that call to us beyond the current human drama.

As empaths, intuitives, sensitives and lightworkers, we’re called to be compassionate witnesses, waiting until just the right moment.

Our world needs unifiers.

Perceptive Souls are preparing ourselves globally for this crucial task.

We’re setting strong intentions, practicing the art and science of energy, the power of manifestation, tapping into realms of potential and gathering in communities for support and learning. It’s our preparation for the next chapter in our world’s history.

An era of widespread empathy.

Can you feel it coming?

We’re building the foundations of our own faith and strength, to be the bridges when the time comes. 

Some have mistakenly labeled holding space as apathy or even spiritual bypassing. 

However, I invite you to consider, in any turbulent situation, we need some who can remain calm, collected and look beyond what’s happening right now to plant seeds for the future.

Imagine being on an airplane that makes an emergency landing and the flight crew, having trained in proper procedures, opens the exit doors, inflates the life rafts and helps the passengers to safety.

If everyone loses themselves in the rage and despair, who then leads us forward into the light?

Every person on our planet is exactly where they are meant to be right now. No better, no worse.

Perceptive Souls are awakening at an unprecedented rate because we are the flight crew.

We are the teachers, the healers, the visionaries. We have the ability to lead others to their own awakening, as our gifts are meant for all to experience.

In order to co-create a world that honors empathy, connection, collaboration and equality, we need to hone our abilities, step into our personal power, gain practical skills and embrace the role that awaits us.

Now is the time to prepare, are you ready?

I created my Powerfully Perceptive Mentoring program for precisely that purpose, to help you strengthen your gifts and prepare for the next evolution of meaningful service.

It focuses through three, powerful dimensions:

  • Soulful integration with Self
  • Soulful Connections with Others
  • Soulful Service to the World

Listen underneath to how one of my clients described their experience:

‘Being perceptive is something I’ve lived with my entire life, although I wouldn’t have seen it as the asset it is, until I met Bevin. She’s on the forefront in this field and through her work is helping us to understand the incredible gifts we bring. At one time, I felt I need to hide my gifts, Bevin’s work taught me that my perceptivity is something I need to celebrate.’

-T.H., Canada

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