You likely came to this page because as an intuitive empath, you’re uncertain how to move forward past a challenge or obstacle in your life. I encourage you to take time to research, contemplate and choose the right person as a guide for this next chapter of your journey. It’s the same thoughtful process I use when I invest in my long-term well-being.

After coaching and teaching hundreds of perceptive souls, I honor who you are and where you are right now. Please know this is a judgement-free zone.

When you enter into a coaching partnership, we come together on equal ground.

I’m a compassionate guide, helping you uncover the wisdom already present inside you and within your situation. I provide a safe and nurturing space so you can relax and focus solely on your transformation. We begin slowly, learning about each other and building trust. During our sessions, I set the tone and you take the lead. I believe you know best what is right and true for your life.

In each meeting, we discover at least one key insight, which I encourage you to take action on within 48 hours. You decide how to best apply this new knowledge. In my experience, people and situations will always show up to help you practice.

To celebrate the six years that I’ve been a guide for empaths and intuitives, I’m pleased to offer a $6 single coaching call during December and January.

Bring one burning question you have about being a perceptive soul and I’ll provide you with insight and a simple tool to use right away. This 30-minute phone or Skype session is the best way to see if we vibe and discuss how the resources I offer can support your journey.

I look forward to connecting.

Ready to get started now? Choose one of the 4-session coaching packages below and click the orange button to schedule our first session. I look forward to helping you step fully into your personal power and greatness.