Are you an Empath?
Or an Intuitive?
Or maybe you aren’t really into labels…

That’s cool. All are welcome here.

I’m Bevin Niemann and I’m incredibly grateful for my perceptive abilities.

I didn’t always feel that way. For many years, I shut down my intuition or at least tried to.

Whenever I received an intuitive message, I questioned, analyzed and questioned again. Self-doubt was my constant companion.

More times than I like to admit, I did the exact opposite of what I knew to be right. Ignoring my intuition led me down a rough and rocky path. Believe me, it can take years to dig yourself out of an unenlightened decision.

Ok, inner critic, let’s pause for a moment to recognize there were quite a few times when I did pay attention. When I did follow my intuition.

When I listened to my inner knowing, I’ve been gifted with loving, healthy relationships, amazing career opportunities, and huge strides forward in my personal growth.

I set out to test this theory using my own life as an intuitive laboratory. I studied with mature, soulful mentors, committed to a daily meditative practice and healed some serious inner wounds. I began listening to messages I was receiving and took a small step, then another and eventually stepped forth into life-changing decisions. I learned to be an intuitive person of action.